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Behavioral Concerns

   Growing up is tricky and development within young children is variable. No question or concern is too small especially if your child is demonstrating behavioral concerns that are new or even old ones that you just don't understand.

   Whether your child is having tantrums, struggling in the classroom or just won't

listen, it can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Having an extra set of eyes, with  experience supporting families and children, is often the easiest way to start understanding "the why" behind the behaviors and making changes to get behavior back on track at home or school

   Hellen is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-this means she is trained and licensed to provide Behavior Analyitic services. These can include functional behavioral assessments (this means understanding what your child's behavior is communicating), creating behavior support plans or behavior intervention plans

and parent training.

   Janel is a Developmental Specialist-this means she is an expert in the field of child development and understands how to help your child develop the foundational skills they need to thrive. This can, and does include supporting their emotional regulation,facilitating their development and working with parents and teachers to provide consistency at home and school

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