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My Approach

My work as a behavior and developmental specialist began over 35 years ago and has always been a passion.  It has taken me from teaching children and caregivers in large early intervention classrooms, to working one-on-one with children, families and school staff. I have managed large and small programs with multiple clinicians and therapists, and for the last 25 years I have taught courses for future special educators in a leading university-level program.


I have a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and an M.A. in Special Education, but the most important factor in honing my expertise has always been the relationships I forge with families and their children and what they have taught me. Partnering with families as a solo practitioner allows me to prioritize those relationships and concentrate on each client's particular needs. All of my clients are unique, and observing and coaching them in different settings including the home, school, and even work environments, enables me to focus in on issues of concern and collaboratively develop strategies to solve them.

I love to work with families and their kids to solve problems. I have a large repertoire of experience and expertise and can support you with a wide range of concerns. Sometimes I do this in your home, other times at your child's preschool or school setting - every family is different and has different needs.

Generally I meet with you and your child and develop a plan with you for our ongoing work. At times the work is quick - for instance I attend a meeting with you. At other times the work is more involved and we may meet weekly for an extended period of time while I work with your child and share information with you and/or your child's teacher(s).  As I said above, each family has their own needs which we will discuss as I get to know you and your child and plan how to move forward.

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