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My Approach

   I am not a medical practitioner, but rather a developmental specialist, relying heavily on education as well as on experience in my field.  My work with children is informed by my practice(s) and includes collaboration with family, the child and teams/professionals also working with the child.

   This approach differs from a medical or behavioral approach in that my goal is to understand what competencies/skill(s) may be better supported to effect change rather than only "fixing" or replacing the behavior. My work is focused on helping children and their families understand these underlying issues and developing practical advice for parents, caregivers and teachers on how to best work with the child at home or school. I like to include families in my sessions as much as possible and also provide advocacy and support for IEP's and school meetings.

   I earned a B.A. in Child Development and a Master's in Special Education before getting my credential in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). For many years I worked with children and their families as an early interventionist becoming very knowledgeable in understanding early development, developmental delays and family systems. I also worked as a behavior and developmental specialist providing home visits for a developmental pediatrician and finally, co-founded a clinic practice with 2 other partners focused on children with social cognitive and executive function delays such as ADHD and Autism.

   As a Developmental Specialist, I value collaborating with and supporting families, educators, and other professionals to identify a child’s areas of need and strength. At Theory to Practice I include the family within the therapeutic model in order to support parents in learning to observe and interpret their child’s behavior, to enrich their child’s everyday routines and activities, and to assist families in anticipating next steps.


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