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Why Upendo Behavior Services?

   Upendo, a Swahili word meaning Love, has been a constant theme in my life. My father was a passionate teacher who believed that the academic advancement of individuals could create a better world. My mother was a social worker, whose main aim was to support the “girl child” in minority communities in Kenya. It was through my mother’s passionate involvement in the  empowerment of young people in the communities she served that I grew up to understand how essential it is to channel what we do towards the good of the community. This ingrained passion for service is what has kept me in mental and behavioral health.

   I developed an affinity for working with families in this industry and speaking from experience, this line of work is not for the faint of heart. It truly takes someone special to work for the wellbeing of others, specifically those with disabilities. This work requires a certain degree of patience, endurance and perseverance, virtues possessed by a select few. This kind of patience is only rivaled by my mother’s hospitality. A woman so loving and welcoming, I hardly recall us living as a nuclear family. Our home always had a relative, a friend or a stranger whom my parents sheltered indefinitely. It is a kind of shared love and patience that tugs at your humanity, your desire to help others, devoid of material gain. As a professional called into this line of work, however, there is gain. That reward is the fulfilling sentiment of making a difference in the world, one family at a time. I have made it my personal goal to be a positive influence in other’s lives, whether directly, or by mere example. Driven by these values, Upendo Behavior Services allows me to continue this mission on a larger scale. More than anything is the fact that Upendo is in so many ways, the fulfillment of my mother’s legacy. So, help me share and spread the love by choosing Upendo Behavior Services.

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