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Applied Behavioral Analysis

   Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that uses principles of behavior to make socially signifcant changes to problem behaviors. Experimental anlysis is used to determine the variable responsible for the change i.e. the intervention put in place is responsible to for the changes made to behavior. When we consider social significance, we do so first in the eyes of the client and then other relevant stakeholders. This is because a behavior that may be viewed as problematic by others, may not be detrimental to the clients overall well being.

   ABA is proven to be beneficial as an intervention for people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, especially when begun early. We at Upendo provide ABA services, including Early Intervention services, to children and families. We will conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) at the onset of service to help us determine what your child's behavior is communicating. The outcome of the FBA will inform a Behavior Support Plan (BSP)/ Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that will highlight possible setting events and corresponding consequence. The goal is to reinforce the behaviors we want to see and to teach alternative behaviors in place of the behaviors we are seeking to change or improve.

   ABA is covered by most insurance providers and Upendo is currently accepting both private clients and OHP insurance.

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